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1874 februar


Carl Jacobsen

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Wednesday Morning

Dear Mr Jacobsen
I must write out to inform you that unfortunately our Danish party has again to be put off, as now Moller and Krag cant come on Saturday, so as it would be disappointing for you to come in and only find ourselves after expecting the party, perhaps if you have nothing better, you would dine with us on Sunday instead, then Ingie and Normann wil be here.
Were you at Professor Nielsens lecture last Monday? about having a "bestemt Villie" I almost wish I had been there as I would be all the better of getting a few leading rules about the way to get one. I hope you enjoyed yourself at Inf---- J--- (I don't know how to spell his name) yesterday.
Krag and Moller were here and we had such a nice walk, as the moon was so lovely.
I dare say you will be glad to see me finish up now with Kindest regards
Believe me
Yours very sincerely
Ottilie Stegmann




Rasmus Nielsen holdt sine forelæsninger om 'vilje' i februar 1874.


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