Carl Jacobsen’s Correspondence Archive

Rodin to Copenhagen

In 1890–1913, Carl Jacobsen exchanged numerous letters with the French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

In 1900, Carl Jacobsen saw a large exhibition of Auguste Rodin’s works in Paris. He was fascinated with Rodin’s art, and that same year he commissioned seven pieces from the sculptor. Until 1913, Jacobsen and Rodin maintained a lively exchange of letters.
After Jacobsen’s death, the Glyptotek continued to buy additional works by Rodin, and today, the museum owns one of the world’s finest Rodin collections. The correspondence between Rodin and Jacobsen was lost for many years but resurfaced in December 2015. The collection of letters is now published online for the first time.

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Auguste Rodin. Kysset, 1901-1903. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek