Carl Jacobsen’s Correspondence Archive

Danserindebrønden (Dancers’ Fountain)

Rudolph Tegner’s masterpiece

In 1910, Carl Jacobsen asked the three sculptors Edvard Eriksen, Carl Bonnesen and Rudolph Tegner to present drafts for a monument to The Royal Danish Ballet. The sculpture was to portray the three ballerinas Elna Lauesgaard, Emilie Smith and Grethe Detlevsen.
Jacobsen preferred Tegner’s proposal, and his Danserindebrønden (Dancers’ Fountain) was installed in the central park Kongens Have (The King’s Garden) in 1913. In 1933, the monument was moved north to the seaside city of Elsinore, with Rudolph Tegner’s involvement.

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1914 Danserindebrønden in the central park Kongens Have