Carl Jacobsen’s Correspondence Archive

Carl Jacobsen and P. S. Krøyer

In 1888, Carl Jacobsen held a large exhibition of French art in Copenhagen, a project in which the Danish artist P. S. Krøyer played a central role.

True to form, Carl Jacobsen had high ambitions for the exhibition, which was to be ‘The largest most significant exhibition of French art outside France that has ever been held’ (letter to P. S. Krøyer, 15 February 1888).

The exhibition was presented in a temporary pavilion at what was then Halmtorvet (Hay Market, now City Hall Square).

Krøyer played a key role in the planning of the exhibition and was also commissioned by Jacobsen to paint a large picture of the members of the exhibition committee. This painting is the property of the Glyptotek and is on display in the Carlsberg Museum in Valby.

Carl Jacobsen’s Correspondence Archive includes an interesting exchange of letters between Krøyer and Jacobsen, which is now publicly accessible here.

The exhibition building for French art on Halmtorvet (today Rådhuspladsen), 1888. In the foreground is Carl Jacobsen and his wife Ottilia.